Prague Travel Guide

24th of May 2018

Tired of the usual vacation places? Looking for an interesting European stop?

In the heart of the continent is Prague, Czech Republic, that boasts of a rich history and culture that most people are perhaps not quite acquainted with.

Take a peek in this Prague travel guide that will surely make you zip your luggage off to this wonderful city.

Pride of Prague

The Iron Curtain had fallen off. Prague warmly welcomed its visitors. And now it has turned into one of Europe’s prime tourist spots.

Prague has been the capital city of the old Czechoslovakia. After the country split, the newly instituted Czech Republic maintained Prague as its seat of government. The city is also regarded as an entrance to the Czech Republic.

Unlike other cities in Europe that suffered much during the Second World War, Prague has been minimally bruised. Visitors can enjoy the city’s historic architecture that seems to be untouched by the war. Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1992.

To find out more about this city’s historic and cultural pride, take time to explore this Prague travel guide. You’ll definitely want to experience the beauty of this city escape.

An escape to Prague

What makes Prague a good escape from all that stress and pressure? For one, it is a site of a lot of sporting events as well as stadiums and national teams. It also has cultural institutions like the National Theater, National Museum, National Library, National Gallery and others.

Film buffs also have the chance to appreciate Czech cinema and attend various festivals that the city hosts. Prague has also been used as a location for Hollywood films like Mission ImpossibleBlade IIandxXx, and was the setting for the 2000 movie Dungeons and Dragons.

Visiting Prague

Weather in Prague makes a visit to the city wonderful and romantic. Winter season is as exciting as anytime of the year since places are properly heated. The heat of Prague summer is not a problem with the air-conditioning systems provided in most places. Those who love to chill out will also find tourist facilities that comforts and entertains visitors.

Dressing up for Prague

Tourists must take note of the changing weather in Prague. A warm jumper and jacket for the cold weather are a must to bring during your visit. Shorts and skirts are usual during warm times in Prague. A pair of shoes for walking is good when exploring the city on foot. You can know more all about these and other things about the city in this Prague travel guide.

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